This is the coming soon MBOSS.US site. At first, it will be the ultimate tech adventure shopping site you were looking for that long. Here you’ll find the most futuristic gadgets on the markets for home, life, and work.

The next step we will additionally lead you into the future not only by preparing you for it but also by equipping and furniture you.

This page will be the beginning of a community of tech enthusiasts and futurists in the real and virtual world who have all the goal to find their appropriate place in industry 4.0. It’s no more a question of inclusion but already of belonging. It is the transmission into a new era everyone wants to be ready for getting this started – companies are pushing and futurists are burning for it. Exactly this will be the place where it all will happen with you. We will keep you informed about all changes and adjourned about the latest opportunities where to find the future skills for getting through this without fear but opened enough for seeing all the opportunities and chances waiting for every one of us.

Looking forward to getting this done and focusing last but not least on those who rule the world and count:

Humans – We, The People.


Maricla Kandzorra